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Rooster Music: The First 2000 Years

This is an incredible 6-CDR set containing 111 songs featured on the W.C. Handy Award winning radio program Blues From the Red Rooster Lounge. Chock full of rarities, it includes forays into early R&B, gospel and jazz while staying firmly rooted in the blues. Comes with a 20-page fully descriptive booklet which first appeared in BLUES ACCESS magazine (see ROOSTER MUSIC). This set has been the basic course material for Behold the Blues, a week-long class in blues appreciation offered every summer at Common Ground on the Hill. SALE PRICED ... was $75, now $59.99 plus $8 shipping. Satisfaction Guaranteed. [In fact, if you have a six-disc changer, you'll never get it out of your CD player.]

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