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An Interview with Big Chief Bo Dollis
of the Wild Magnolias

Bluesman Paul Pena's Journey to Tuva

The Handy Awards ‘Turn Legal’

Wild Indians Down in New Orleans
© 2000 Michael P. Smith

 Also in this Issue

  Fall Festivals
  The days are getting shorter, but there are still some hitters left on the festival calendar. We tell you where to find them.
  All in the Game
  Musicians on the road were always eager to augment their meager take. As Son Seals and Jimmy Lee Robinson remember it, sometimes the game could turn dangerous.
  Rockin' and Shoutin'
  Big voiced singer Jimmy 'T-99' Nelson had his one big hit in 1951 and didn't quit his day job until 37 years later. But since then he's had no trouble finding work.
  Dick Waterman could have spent his life at his first love, sportswriting, but he probably wouldn't have made it to Cooperstown. Instead he dedicated his life to the blues and became a different kind of Hall of Famer.
  Happy at Home
  Relocation is a fact of life when you're a Nave wife, but now Tony Lynn Washington is back home in Boston and getting some of the attention she deserves.
  Monster on the Loose
  Jon Cleary was still a teenager when he left England for New Orleans, seduced by the music of Professor Longhair and Snooks Eaglin. Now he's got a sound of his own.


  Backstage Notes
  About this issue of BLUES ACCESS
  Blues-related articles and tidbits
  From the quills (?) of our columnists
     Rooster Pickin's
     Blue views from the Red Rooster Lounge
     Catfish Whitey's Pond
     Leland Rucker's two cents worth... three if you're lucky.
     Journeyman's Road
     Living the blues, from the musician's viewpoint.
     Dear Dr. Harpo
     Love the blues harp? This is the place for you.
     Blues with a Twist
     Who hasn't Twist Turner played with? ...and does he have some stories.
  Selected blues reviews from the current issue

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