Blues Access Spring 2001
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Zydeco is a music best appreciated
in a sweaty dance hall.

A look at the often-difficult formative
years of the great Howlin' Wolf.

Who was that guy in the Coen Brothers'
O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Buckwheat Zydeco
© 2001 Jeff Dunas

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  Summer Festivals
  Well, okay! Things are really shifting into overdrive now, as the festival season is hard upon us. We're constantly updating with new information as it comes in.
  The Chief's First 60
  Eddie Clearwater comes from a musical family and 50 years down the blues highway he's found his greatest success while just trying to live life to the fullest and be the best person he can be.
  Ruby Ruby
  She never had a hit record, but Ruby Johnson was one of the blues vocalists on Stax Records during that legendary label's '60s heyday. Meet her in this excerpt from David Freeland's new tome, Ladies of Soul.
  Back from the Shadows
  He's not a tip of the tongue bluesman, at least not until you mention his original "Get It While You Can." After 27 years out of the limelight, and minus his magnificent conk, Mr. Tate is back.
  A New Voice from the South Side
  The South Side of L.A., that is. Emerging big city bluesman South Side Slim is deserving of some attention.


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     Blue views from the Red Rooster Lounge
     Blues & Roots
     Managing Editor John Sinclair on the latest crop of reissues
     Journeyman's Road
     Living the blues, from the musician's viewpoint
     Blues with a Twist
     Who hasn't Twist Turner played with? ...and does he have some stories.
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