Blues Access Spring 2001
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Son Seals has paid a LOT of dues,
but kept his passion for his music

Detroit's Diminutive Bettye Lavette

The sixth and final installment

Son Seals
© 2001 Jeff Dunas

 Also in this Issue

  Spring Festivals
  Well, okay! Things are really shifting into overdrive now, as the festival season is hard upon us. We're constantly updating with new information as it comes in.
  Been There, Done That
  When piano man Henry Gray went from Louisiana to Chicago in the ’40s he had no trouble finding playmates among the cream of the city’s blues stars. All in all, though, he’s been happier hanging at home in Baton Rouge for the past four decades.
  Documentary Drummer
  Sam Lay, the man who put the beat in the Butterfield Blues Band, is a man of many interests, including documentary filmmaking. He shows us some of his home movies.
  Johnny B. Dependable
  He may not have star power, but Chicago blues veterans know they can count on Rockin’ Johnny Burgin. Now his own band is starting to make a splash.
  Three in One
  Moving from Kansas City to L.A. gave Sweet Baby J’ai the chance to develop her stage tribute to three great female singers of the blues.
  Favored Son
  Born to one of the most prominent of African-American families, forceful performer Guy Davis wants to see the blues continue as a black tradition.
  Lost in the Shuffle
  Former compatriots of Howlin’ Wolf — Detroit Junior, Eddie Shaw and Jimmie Lee Robinson — learned to amuse themselves with card games like “tonk” and “coon can.”


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