Blues Access Winter 2001
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An interview with David "Honeyboy" Edwards, Homesick James, Robert Lockwood Jr., and Henry Townsend

Harp player and singer Curtis Salgado

The singer-guitarist is back in a big way

Life-Long Legends © 2001 Joseph A. Rosen

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  Winter Festivals
  Things are pretty slow at the moment, as fest promoters are just now starting to awaken from the winter doldrums to begin to plan their events and look for talent.
  Getting Out of the Game
  Knowing when to fold íem is a valuable asset, especially when the stakes can be life and death. Bluesmen Bob Stroger and Lonnie Brooks packed it in as gamblers while they still could tell their tales.
  Cool in School
  Inspired by musician Charles Atkins, Dane Gillebrand started the Sir Charles Blues Lab to restore a proud tradition of musical education at inner city Locke High School in Los Angeles.
  One of the Gang
  Record and memorabilia collector, music historian, scribe, poet and hipster, Wes Race has made loving the blues his lifestyle.
  Voice of the Bottom
  Singing bass players arenít exactly commonplace, maybe because itís not an easy trick. Willie Kent has done it for a long time and made a lot of friends ó and fans ó along the way.
  Something About Michelle
  Not your basic blues shouter, Michelle Willson has finally found a crew of musicians who are on the same page with her. The result is a sophisticated brew of blues bordering on jazz.


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