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Sweet Soul Queen of New Orleans

Milton's Move

Red Rooster's Top Songs of All Time

Irma Thomas
© 2000 Joe Rosen

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  Spring Festivals
  From Silver City, New Mexico, to Luxembourg City, Lulembourg, and from Beale Street to Bishopstock, here's the scoop on all the blues fests large and small.
  The Chess Brothers at the Mocombo Lounge
  When brothers Phil and Leonard Chess emigrated from Poland, they hardly seemed likely candidates to start one of the greatest blues labels of all time. This excerpt from a new book by Nadine Cohodas looks at their early years in the music biz.
  Roadworthy Lady
  Two hundred days on the road each year plays hell with your social life, but it sure helps refine your chops. Just ask Debbie Davies.
  Chicago Unplugged
  In the late ’40s and early ’50s, the Windy City was the crucible for a new electrified kind of blues. Now acoustic players find a warm welcome there, too.
  Arkansas Roots
  Deep bluesman CeDell Davis isn’t really all that hard to find. You’ve just got to have good directions.
  Maxwell Street Royalty
  Jimmie Lee Robinson and Johnnie Mae Dunson cut their teeth playing blues at Chicago’s outdoor market. They’re not ready to quit.
  Working Class Hero
  Electrician by day, musician by night, Little Freddie King got the blues whupped into him.


  Backstage Notes
  About this issue of BLUES ACCESS
  Blues-related articles and tidbits
  From the quills (?) of our columnists
     Rooster Pickin's
     Blue views from the Red Rooster Lounge
     Catfish Whitey's Pond
     Leland Rucker's two cents worth... three if you're lucky.
     Journeyman's Road
     Living the blues, from the musician's viewpoint.
     Dear Dr. Harpo
     Love the blues harp? This is the place for you.
     Blues with a Twist
     Who hasn't Twist Turner played with? ...and does he have some stories.
  Selected blues reviews from the current issue
  Letters from our readers
  Illustrated History of the Blues
  A long-time feature of the print version of BLUES ACCESS

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